Real Fit Food

Andi Lew's fabulous fitness book on feasting came as a result of the success of the Eat Fat Be Thin and Eat Fat be Lean books in which the wonderful Dr Natalie Kringoudis was a co-author. From their books a worldwide 'fat food' movement resulted.

Andi has now put together a new book Real Fit Food off the back of demand and hunger for more information on exercise and fitness and a desire for fast and easy cooking for the time poor.

Andi shows you how you can eat chocolate and ice cream so you never feel like you are missing out! She focuses on good fats that are free from sugar, dairy and additives and keep you feeling full and happy.

Andi's also teamed up with Dr Damian Christof, Chiropractor and Naturopath to spread the word on wellness to achieve optimal function and living a life you were designed too. Truly great and very practical stuff!

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