Alkapod Water Ioniser

The Alkapod Water Ioniser converts regular water into alkaline and ionized water that you can drink anywhere, anytime.

The Alkapod employs 13 energising and purifying minerals in its filter including tourmaline, zeolite and maifanshi stone and has been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water.

The Alkapod’s food grade, stainless steel design and unique internal filter are patented and certified as safe from contamination.

AlkaPod Water Alkaliser Portable Water Ionizer:

  • Transforms your drinking water (300ml)
  • Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting drinking water
  • Can help improve your systemic acid/alkaline balance
  • pH +7 to +9.5 (typically increases pH by about 2 or more points (tested using pH reagent)
  • Provides an abundance of negative ions
  • Can help increase your hydration by reducing molecular cluster size
  • Has a low negative ORP – providing you powerful antioxidant potential (typically reduces the Oxidant Reduction Potential by at least 200mv)
  • Creates natural far infrared ionization
  • Contains silver ceramic and anti-bacterial balls
  • Contains NSF approved charcoal
  • Deoxidation process is visible – activated hydrogen bubbles are formed
  • Abundance of activated hydrogen to help eliminate active oxygen (free radicals)
  • Takes only a few moments to create your own “energy water”
  • Uses only non-toxic materials (no chemical leaching like in plastic containers)
  • 12-month usage based on 2-3 litres consumption daily
  • Portability and stylish design makes it unique, convenient, and ideal for driving, travel, office, school, hiking and anywhere you need to be on the go
  • No extra maintenance cost - just cartridge replacement when needed (typically about once a year)

Learn about the main ingredients in the Alkapod water Alkaliser

    AlkaPod Cross section

    • Tourmaline Stone which introduces a natural form of Far Infra Red Energy, helps to reduce surface tension and impart a slight ionization effect.
    • Zeolites are a rare group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and a natural, negative magnetic charge. Zeolite can absorb and retain heavy metals and toxins. These can then pass safely out of the body without re-absorption.
    • Maifanshi comes from valley streams rich in porphyritic pea gravel. Traditionally, Maifanshi has been used as a general health medicine in China and also for bathing, due to its ability to absorb toxins and supply many trace minerals. In the AlkaPod Water Alkaliser, Maifanshi helps to clean, remineralize and ionise the water.

    Getting the Most from your AlkaPod

    • We recommend you leave water 8 – 10 minutes to alkalise. More will cause it to over alkalise.
    • To accurately test the pH of the water use a pH reagent (click here for more info)
    • To extend the life of your AlkaPod, wash in diluted vinegar every 3 months and dry in sunlight (remove top cartridge before cleaning).

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